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Mega Antioxidant

  • Aids in detox

  • Free radical fighter

  • Skin rejuvenation 

  • Helps with memory fog 

    Vitamin B-12


    • Optimal for Vegans & Vegetarians

    • Increases Energy

    • Increases Metabolism

    • Increases melatonin production

    • Lowers risk of depression

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      Lipotropic Injection

      Vitamin Base Fat Burner

      • Mega Lipo Burn-Methionine-Prevents fat build up in the liver. Breaks down complex carbohydrate into energy & appetite suppressant.

      • MICC-Methionine-Prevents fat build up in the liver. Breaks down complex carbohydrate into energy. Inositol-Converts food to energy. Choline-Converts fat to energy. Cyanocobalamin- Increases energy.

        Vitamin D

        Vitamin D3

        • Intramuscular injection

        • 50,000 IU 

        • Mood regulator

        • Immune function support

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          Anti-Inflammatory (NSAID)

          • Optimal for short-term pain relief

          • Assist in decreasing swelling, muscle related pain and fevers

          • Non-Opioid 

          Gastro Relief

          Nausea & Indigestion

          • Nausea-Zofran will help with nauseous feelings

          • Indigestion-Pepcid will help with heart burn and decrease gastric (Stomach) acid production

          • Available with IV Hydration Only 

          Hugging a Pillow

          Tri-Immune Booster

          • Immune System Booster

          • Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione

          • Recommend prior to advanced cold/flu/viral symptoms  

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