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Medical Weight Loss At Home

Home Supply Medical Weight Loss

Now offering monthly home supply of Compound Semaglutide, monthly prescription Wegovy (Semaglutide) & Ozempic.

Monthly Compounded Semaglutide In Clinic Option

Our in clinic option provides our clients the ability to pick up your injections and self-inject at home. With our home option you will need to have a one-time in clinic consultation with our medical provider with lab work performed at week one & week 12. In addition, you may continue this option beyond week 12. Our requirements for this program includes, bi-weekly Telemedicine appointment for weight analysis and continuity of care while receiving injection therapy for weight loss. Pricing starts at $400.00.

Monthly Prescription Wegovy (Semaglutide) & Ozempic

Monthly prescription options are now available for Medical Weight Loss. With our at home prescription, your appointment maybe completed via Telemedicine which includes your consultation with our medical provider. You will have lab work performed at a LabCorp closet to your location, and follow up appointment via Telemedicine to review your labs followed by your prescription being sent to your preferred pharmacy. We ask that you contact your preferred pharmacy to see if the medication is available and the cost with your insurance. Our office will inquire a one time consultation fee of $250.00 for this option. The requirements to continue this option for 12 weeks and beyond includes monthly Telemedicine appointment in the comfort of your home. This will provide our medical provider your current weight and continuity of care. The monthly Telemedicine visit for this option is a flat fee of $35.00.  

Anxiety & Depression Screening:

We require all clients to complete a Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) during your consult. The PHQ-9 is a multi use screening, monitoring, diagnosing instrument for anxiety, depression & suicidal thoughts. With our Medical Supervised Weight Loss program, we address mental, physical & emotional health risk factors & referral for diagnoses at no additional cost.

Accepting HSA/FSA, CareCredit, Afterpay, Apple Pay, Google Pay options in addition to debit & credit card processing. Additional processing fee 6% applied at check out for Afterpay options.

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