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Rejuvenate your smile with our FDA approved lip fillers. Receiving lip fillers is a non-surgical procedure in which our provider introduces hyaluronic acid gel like fillers in your lips. Lip fillers will add the volume and contour to your signature smile.

Our preferred brand of lip fillers include Restylane Kysse & Juvederm which provide the synthetic form of hyaluronic acid mixed with lidocaine for comfort. With use of these fillers there is a low risk for allergic reactions. 

Lip fillers may be reversed if you are not happy with your look or if migration has occurred. This process will involve injections to dissolve your current product.

We require a consultation prior to any injection in our Wellness Center to review your health history, understand your beauty enhancement goal and to discuss the optimal expectation after receiving your filler. 

Consultation required prior to your appointment.


The Mini


Lip Flip

Dissolve Me

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