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Tirzepatide Compound 

Now offering Tirzepatide compound injections. Tirzepatide is the same active ingredient in brand name Mounjaro & Zepbound . No insurance accepted for this option. Dosing schedule starts at 2.5mg to a max of 15mg. Consultation with our medical provider, and lab work required prior to starting. Please contact office if you are transitioning from Semaglutide to Tirzapetide. Labs maybe performed in office or at our preferred lab facility. You may use your health insurance to cover labs. Our office offers exclusive program benefits with our injectables. Most clients achieve optimal results on 5mg.

Tirzepatide has positive benefits to reduce A1c, 20% average weight loss, curbing of appetite, helping you feel fuller longer, regulating insulin levels and improvement of weight management. Many clients who have max out the dose on Semaglutide or reached a plateau may transition to Tirzepatide.

The FDA does not review or approve any compounded medication for safety and effectiveness. Our practice utilizes regulated & approved compounding pharmacies for injectables in office.

HSA/FSA, Afterpay, Carecredit & Cherry Accepted!

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