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Drinking Water after Workout


Appointment Required. Same-Day Appointments Available. Contact our office to inquire.

HSA/FSA Accepted

Immune Boost-Cold/Flu Symptoms/Viral Illness/ Early Symptom Management

Glow With Me-Anti-Age & Detox, Hair, Skin & Nails

Ultimate Detox-High dose Glutathione optimal for liver detox

Simple IV Plus-No Vitamins. One Liter of fluid. Simple IV-500ml ($99)

Viral Recovery-Recent Cold/Flu/Viral/Stomach Illness


Roadrunner Energy Boost- Pre & Post Workout Energy

Mommy & Me-Expecting mothers with increase nausea & vomiting 

ALA-Remedy for peripheral nerve pain, elevated blood sugar, free radical cell damage with toxin removal

Migraine Recovery-Reoccurring Migraines, headaches 

Hangover Recovery-Recent alcohol intake

Myers Cocktail-Mega Dose Multivitamin great for first infusion. 

Libido-Male Cocktail IV restore sexual energy & desire

Extreme Glow-Improve Hyperpigmentation, dark spots & Improve skin texture

Post Surgery IV

Bariatric Recovery- 3 Days post surgery or 3 years. Replenish with essential custom vitamins

Weight Loss-Metabolism booster with Fat Burner

Post Surgery- Recent surgical clients to restore lost fluid and vitamins, eliminate brain fog

Pre Surgery-Hydrate with essential vitamins & Improve your healing prior to surgery

  • Toradol, Zinc, Fat Burn (L-Carnitine), Vitamin B-12, Zofran, Dexamethasone, Biotin, Glutathione (200mg)​, Benadryl

  • Vitamin D3 50,000 IU ($35.00)-Corrects Vitamin D Deficiency Lab Required

  • Tri-Immune Booster ($40.00)-Vitamin C, Glutathione, Zinc, B-Complex In One Shot!

  • L-Carnitine ($40.00)-Fat Burner recommended for pre/post workout

  • B-12 Package- Six weekly injections of 5000 mcg ($100)

  • Vitamin D3 Package-Six weekly injections of 50,000 IU ($100 lab required)


IV Vitamin Hydration compliments anyone seeking to reboot and refresh their body. Our IV infusions are typically 45-60 minutes in duration. Our Family Nurse Practitioner will review your health history prior to your IV Hydration. You may receive IV Vitamin Hydrations typically weekly with most infusions. IV Hydration is recommended for healthy individuals. 

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